Gunsmith Guarantee

We have on site gunsmiths who are some of the best in the industry. Whether you need to fix an old firearm, repair a broken firearm, want to add scopes and accessories to your favorite firearm, or have firearm that needs a thorough cleaning, we can help! Our gunsmith’s are Glock and M&P certified gunsmiths and armorers. Call ahead or stop by to ask for availability!

Shop Services

Hand Gun Block


  • -Revolver Action (+parts): $75
  • -1911 Action (+parts): $75
  • -Glock Action (+parts): $35
  • -XD Action (+parts): $70
  • -M&P Action (+parts): $70
AR15B Block

AR Platforms

  • - AR 4-4.5# Trigger: $60
  • - AR Free Float Tube (+parts): $70
Sights Block

Sight Work

  • - Sight purchased at our shop: NO CHRAGE
  • - Mount & Bore Sight Scope: $35
  • - Install Night Sights : $30
  • - Bore Sight Scope: $10

Indoor Range

Learn more about rante rules, rentals, and group rates.

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