Our Training Perspective

Training from a women's vantage point is crucial in building trust & confidence while learning in an environment that can relate to what women experience in every day life or the most dire of circumstances. Building an atmosphere to ask the most basic to the most vulnerable questions to foster trust is what we are about. From basic introduction to firearms and shooting, to catered instruction to meet a variety of backgrounds and confidence levels, to training that even the most advanced shooter will find challenging; we instruct with an attention to each student’s goals, skills, and confidence to obtain an outcome of informed, safe, and sure gun ownership.


Getting oriented to a firearm: its parts and weight, the feel of it in your hand, and its mechanics. It begins here - if you've got it, great; if not, let's spend the time needed to answer your questions and get you acquainted.


If you plan to carry, you'll need to 1) make sure you get your permit which will give you some experience with live fire to demonstrate safe gun handling and 2) master the basics which will prepare you for misfires, reloading, and accuracy in live-fire.


We offer a range of training options to meet you where you are in your confidence and surety of firearms handling skills. Public and individual programs are available to focus on drawing from concealment, accuracy, speed, or defensive maneuvers.